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              F.Y. water pump factory has the strong capability in the development of new products as well as perfect production management system,which enables us to produce more than 50000 units per month with premier quality products and timely delivery.

              F.Y. water pump are subject to stringent quality control throughout the manufacturing process. All water pumps must pass a special pressure and leakage test. This ensures that every F.Y.pumps sold has fulfilled our high standards in quality and reliability. An operational quality mastering system in accordance with TS16949 is our binding guarantee to our customers.

              Products Introduction

              Suspension Series

              Water Pump Series

              Wheel Hub Bearings

              Rubber Series

              Contact Us

              • +86-574-88006331/88006329
              • +86-574-88006327
              • [email protected]
              • Mr. Shen
              • No.73-79,Jixing Road,Jishigang Industrial District
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